Five frugal fails

Frugal fails

I loved posting about my five frugal victories last week and I think the #5frugalthings meme that Cass, Emma and Becky have set up is fantastic. However, I have had one of those weeks this week, where the victories were in short supply and the fails kept coming. And I think it is just as important to recognise fails and try and learn from them as it is to celebrate victories. So here are my 5 complete frugal failures this week:

  1. I posted last week about coming into work early and avoiding my usual £2 car parking charge. This backfired when I was told that I am not allowed to do that and I had to pay work back for the day I didn’t pay. Not only did I not save the money, but I felt embarrassed too. Double fail.
  2. I received my car insurance renewal documents yesterday. I went online to comparison sites to get the best deal. Being completely tired at the time but wanting to get it done, I accidentally renewed the insurance on my other car! So I now have one car insured twice and the other car not insured at all! Obviously I am going to fix this today, but ugh, this is so annoying. Lesson learned: do not do important life admin tasks after midnight.
  3. I went out with work one night this week and was going to drink water and only pay for food, but I had a glass of wine and a diet coke. I’m not sure if I should count this as a fail, but it felt like a fail the next morning when I realised I spent £10 more than I had budgeted.
  4. I made a costly mistake in matched betting this week and have now lost over £20 so far this month. I need to stop rushing when I place bets and check all details thoroughly. There is no point in speeding through the process when money is on the line. I would have been better off not doing any betting at all at this point.
  5. I had a haircut  and it cost me £36. With my new focus on frugality that feels too high. Is it too high? I need to do something about this, so I will research the cost of haircuts near me and see if anything is cheaper. But it will be very hard to leave my hairdresser, who I like – so I am still pondering this one.

Have you had any fails this week that you want to confess? I would love to hear about them in the comments section. Let me know if you have been able to learn something from your fail to help you in your savings goals in the future.

3 thoughts on “Five frugal fails

  1. So sorry about having to pay the previous day’s parking. So much for being an early bird.
    My fail is that my grocery gives a free item coupon on Fridays (you have to log in to their website) and I totally forgot yesterday!


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