Net worth update: July 2017

Net worth update (1)

I am officially a light-weight blogger! I have been so overwhelmed with life ‘stuff’ this month that I have not posted a single other blog post than my net worth update. I am disappointed, but blog posting was at the bottom of my to-do list behind MBA studying, summer holidays, medical appointments (more on this another time) and work. I am going to be nice to myself and not put too much pressure to blog more than I can. I am sure I will get back to more posting when things calm down. Now to the monthly figures…

Our net worth increased by £3,588 (or 5.23%) from the previous month. We made a £220 over-payment to unsecured loan 1, but also needed to withdraw £452 from our emergency fund to pay for a new fridge.  Our emergency fund contributions in July were £730 so overall our emergency fund increased in the month and our goal of reaching an emergency fund of £5,000 by the end of 2017 is still on track. I must say that all the advice I received to build an emergency fund before focusing solely on debt pay-off was crucial this month. As soon as we realised our fridge was broken we went straight to the emergency fund and there was no stress at all!

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 07.10.30


Here is how we did against our mini-goals:

  • Increase our net worth each month, by any amount
    • Achieved. Our net worth went up by £3,588
  • Make £50 per month from side income (e.g. matched betting, freelancing, etc.)
    • Achieved. July was a decent month for matched betting for me. I profited £146.18. I did not make any other side income, but as I was very busy this month I am pleased with this number.
  • Spend £400 or less on groceries and toiletries each month (previously we spent £500 per month)
    • Just missed. We spent £406.62 on our groceries and toiletries. This is only just over our £400 goal.
  • Make an over-payment to unsecured debt each month, whatever amount
    • Achieved. Overpaid £220 into our largest personal loan.

I am very happy with our progress again this month, but with a few changes on the horizon I am aware that these large monthly increases may not be possible for some time. I can’t say much more about our changes just now, but will update as soon I am able to confirm what changes lie ahead of us…


4 thoughts on “Net worth update: July 2017

  1. Congrats on the progress! I really would love to have a $2K-$3K EF. Would come in so handy. I am just trying to pull through until May ’18. Then will just have the SL left to pay off and will be able to build that EF back up.

    I like your mini-goals. Makes it easier to accomplish and not feel overwhelmed.

    So that new fridge… envious. I can’t stand the size of my small fridge. When you like lots of veggies/produce, the size is problematic. But it came with my place.


    1. Hey – thanks for stopping by! The emergency fund is amazing. I had never had one until this year and now couldn’t live without it. I don’t know what I would have done about the fridge if I didn’t have it. You will feel great once you get to start building yours up. Do you have a small one or none at all?

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      1. I finally saved $1K, only to have it immediately depleted on new car tires (as 1 was ready to blow – scary). I’ve considered putting the $1K back in the bank, delaying my paydown. But I am in a rush to pay off my car before my SL starts in repayment this Nov. Perhaps in Dec., I will load it back up and have that security.


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